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stuff and things in lafayette

lafayette indiana
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this is a community for lafayette and west lafayette indiana.
ava, beer, belledriver, berry's camera shop, brothers pub, buon appetito, campus, chances are, citybus, danzers, discount den, door #3, fantasy gift shop, fillies, glptc, greasers palace, hunters pub, indiana, indianapolis, itap, jake's, kokomo, kokoro, krispy kreme, lafayette, luxie's, mountain jacks, music, nick's, parking sucks, pete's, pricilla's, psub, purdue, purdue university, rhiele bros, roxy's, scab, shows, stacks, still waiting, taco bell, taf, taste of tippecanoe, the exponent, the jim jims, the knickerbocker, the malcontents, the purdue exponent, the wabash yacht club, truffle bluff, walmart, west lafayette, where else