Fhqwhgads (batboybites) wrote in lafayette_in,


I graduated in December and am moving to Pennsylvania later this month. I'm looking for a subletter! It's one giant bedroom in a five bedroom house in Lafayette, less than 15 minute drive to campus. The rent is only $186/month plus utilities. I'm really not exaggerating, the room is probably 25' by 12'. We use it as two bedrooms, it is so big. But you can have it all to yourself for only $186! The lease ends May 22.

There are two bathrooms, two living rooms, a kitchen with two fridges, and off-street parking. There is also a pretty big yard and a giant porch! There are four male room mates. This room is available, doesn't matter if you are male or female (I'm female, and living with all guys was fine)!

This is a great deal! If you or someone you know is interested, let me know!
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..if it's the room I'm thinking of, it's definitely HUGE huge huge and her roommates are all wonderful gentlemen.

(ashley, the bunny image and the "giant bedroom" really tipped me off. that may be all I remember about that potluck.)

Is it ok if I add you? Because I'm going to.