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Car Wash?

Anyone out there know of any good full service car wash and/or detailing places in the Lafayette or West Lafayette area? I know of Mike's Express on SR-26, but they don't do interiors at all.

I moved up here from Atlanta and the place I used to go to would vacuum out the interior and clean the interior glass real quick, run the car through an automated wash, shine the rims and tires, then hand wipe the car for around $19. They also offered a bevy of waxing, clearcoat, and interior conditioning services as well as full detailing. This is what I'd like to find up here.

If you can suggest someplace (espescially if it has reasonable prices, as I'd like to get a wash like above at least once a month, with a wax at least twice a year and a full detail job at least once a year), I'd greatly appreciate it.

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